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Residential Locksmith Services

A home will be the largest investment most Americans make. We raise our families and store our most prized possessions in our home. Why would anyone want anything but the best in home security? The first line of defense for your home is your front door; and it’s only as good as the locks securing them. Apex Miami Locksmiths has been securing homes and the families in them since 1992. Our pride and commitment to excellence shows in every successful job we do. We support and install all the latest in high security locks and accessories at a price you can afford.

Below is a list of some of our specialties, but by no means is it the only thing we do. If you don’t see something listed here please give us a call and we’ll be happy to solve your residential locksmith needs.

Medeco High Security Locks

Residential Medeco High Security Cylinder and deadbolt

Medeco is the global standard in high security locks. The Medeco high security cylinder and deadbolt is designed to be pick-proof, drill-proof and virtually indestructible. The Medeco copy card system means that only the person who owns the security card can make duplicates of the key, which controls unauthorized access.

Mul-T-Lock High Security Mortise Cylinder

Mul-T-Lock High-Security Mortise Cylinder

The Mul-T-Lock Cylinder is as tough as it gets. It uses a proprietary keyway that is nothing like anything on the market. The key looks like no other key you’ve ever seen. It’s virtually impossible to pick a Mul-T-Lock because of their innovative tumbler system with internal and external pins. Nothing can open a Mul-T-Lock but an authorized Mul-T-Lock key.

Mul-T-Lock Jimmy Proof Lock

Mul-T-Lock Jimmy Proof Lock

The ultimate in protection, the Mul-T-Lock Jimmy Proof lock makes it virtually impossible for anyone to compromise the deadbolt because the locking mechanism engages in the house side of the door. This leaves would-be thieves no point of attack. Combine that with a Mul-T-Lock High Security Mortise Cylinder and you’ve gone the extra mile in protecting you home and everything in it.

Lever Lock

Lever Locks

Lever locks provide a convenient entry point for many physically disabled individuals. Commercial grade metal means this product is designed to last.

Mailbox Locks

Mailbox Locks

Keep your important deliveries secure with our huge selection of Mailbox Locks.

Picture Handle Set

Picture Handle Set

Beautify your home with one of our huge selection of picture handle sets and be the envy of all your neighbors.

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